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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 19, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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making news on this wednesday, may 19th. >> no experience necessary. a tough night for career politicians. primary voters show they want new blood in congress. growing disaster. gulf oil invading louisiana's fragile wetlands for the first time. plus, new evidence it could spread to miami. and price hike. paying more for our morning joe. a company behind many popular brands, passing new costs along to you. good morning. and thanks for joining us. voters in several states have spoken. and their overwhelming message from tuesday's primaries was anti-incumbent. but not entirely anti-democrat. >> in kentucky, a tea party
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candidate, rand paul, movers ahead to the general election. in pennsylvania, arlen specter's 30-year senate run is over. and in arkansas, the u.s. senate race heads to a runoff. >> all of it being watched closely in washington. that's where t.j. winick is joining us with more details. >> reporter: good morning. i'll tell you what, even before the voting ended last night, most of the democratic and republican leadership here in washington had gone into hiding. as most of their preferred candidates were trounced at the polls. the anti-washington tidal wave swept across three senate primaries tuesday. >> we need some new blood in there. some outside views. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, arlen specter, in the senate for nearly three decades, lost after running as a democrat for the first time. >> it's a -- been a great privilege to serve the people of pennsylvania. and it's -- [ applause ]
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>> reporter: specter's switch-a-roo didn't sit well with voters, who ignored pleas to voters, and handed the nomination to joe sestak. >> a win for the people. over the establishment. over the status quo. even over washington, d.c. >> reporter: in kentucky, it was tea party activists who put rand paul, son of former libertarian presidential candidate, ron paul, over the top. >> i have a message. a message from the tea party. we've come to take our government back. >> reporter: paul snatched the nomination from trey grayson, the chosen candidate of republican senate leader, mitch mcconnell. >> it's a nationwide movement. and what i say to washington is, watch out. here we come. >> reporter: in arkansas, senator blanche lincoln was slammed by fellow democrat, bruce halter, as a washington insider. she failed to get the 50% of the
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vote necessary to win. and now, faces a runoff in her bid for a third term. democrats prevailed in the special election to replace congressman john murtha in western pennsylvania. still, after tuesday, all signs point to more victories for anti-establishment candidates come november. jeremy and vinita? >> t.j. winick with the latest results from washington. thank you. and another political note. former nba center, chris dudley, is now playing a real contact sport. he's running for governor of oregon this november, after winning the republican primary last night. this is his first political campaign. dudley retired from basketball back in 2003, after playing 16 seasons. and the "gma" team is getting ready with more from the winning candidates. plus, expert analysis, coming up at 7:00. other news this morning, a coast guard official has told congress that the oil spill crisis in the gulf is creating severe challenges because of its growing size. and he says the spill is more
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complicated than anything he has ever seen. matt gutman has the latest now from the louisiana coast. >> reporter: four weeks later, the oil has hit the mississippi river wetlands. abc news saw pools of it moving up the delta and heading ashore. >> this isn't any longer just about fighting it offshore. we're going to have to fight it onshore. >> reporter: and tar balls were found in the florida keys. 16 in the last 24 hours. they're being tested to see if they came from the b.p. well. some scientists say more of the oil could reach florida by the weekend. >> my worst nightmare is apparently becoming reality. >> reporter: you can see from my hand that this is a slimy substance. this is the oil that's out here everywhere. there's at least a dozen boats trying to work this particular slick out here. and this is what the oil looks like up close. scientists are concerned the oil may have slipped into the gulf loop current. if it has, it could travel through the florida keys and possibly up the atlantic coast. >> it's a disaster to the
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environment. >> reporter: b.p. released pictures of the ruptured pipe before a siphon was inserted over the weekend and after. the oil is still gushing, according to b.p., 40% of it is being pumped up to the surface. and in washington, angry senators lashed out at interior secretary, ken salazar, who acknowledged his agency had not adequately regulated the sail safe mechanism on the deepwater horizon rig. >> i think there's additional work that should have been done. >> reporter: matt gutman, abc news, louisiana. in afghanistan, this morning, the taliban is claiming responsibility for an early-morning attack on a main u.s. base. security was tightened around bagram air base this morning, after insurgents fired rockets and grenades into the facility. a u.s. spokesman says ten attackers were killed. seven americans were wounded. in thailand, fast-moving
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events put an end to the military unrest there. protest leaders called an end to the demonstrations and were taken into custody. they say they surrendered so no one else would be killed. fires were reported this morning at a main department store in bangkok and at the city's stock exchange. and the mothers of those three americans being held in iran are expected there today. they say they are grateful to have been given the opportunity to see their children who have been held since last july. the women have also requested a meeting with iran's leaders. a senate investigation into the failed christmas day airplane bombing reveals serious failures by intelligence agencies, the fbi and the state department. in a scathing report, investigators detail human and technical errors that allow the so-called underwear bomber to board that plane. the senators also found that attempts at improving intelligence after 9/11 did not succeed. and a suspect in another
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narrowly averted terror attack was in court for the first time. faisal shahzad was arraigned for allegedly trying to set off a car bomb in times square. he was not asked to enter a plea. an enormous sink hole on a tennessee highway is being blamed on recent rain. it's 40 feet wide, 25 feet deep. a tractor-trailer swerved into the median after missing the hole. that stretch will be shut down for several days. >> the biggest one i've ever seen. >> wouldn't want to drive into that. now for this morning's weather from the nation. 80-mile-per-hour winds and a good chance of a tornado outbreak, hitting texas, oklahoma and kansas. thunderstorms from the northern rockies down to houston, new orleans and mobile. rain in virginia, the carolinas and new england. wet and windy from seattle to northern california. >> 70s in boise and billings.
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board this morning. more fallout from the european debt crisis. tokyo's nikkei average fell 0.5% today. in london, the ftse opened lower. on wall street, the dow fell 115 points yesterday. the nasdaq dropped 37 points. regulators have proposed new rules to prevent another flash crash like the one that saw the dow plunge 1,000 points earlier this month. the major stock exchanges will test a pilot program that pauses trading of any s&p 500 stock that rises or falls 10% or more within ten minutes. the rules would take effect in the middle of next month. toyota has paid a record $16.4 million fine to the federal government. the automaker agreed to pay the fine after being accused of hiding pedal problems that led to that huge recall. even though toyota denied the charges. the company has recalled more than 8 million vehicles worldwide for safety defects and faces hundreds of lawsuits in the u.s. brewing a cup of coffee at home may soon cost you a little more money. the makers of folgers, dunkin'
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donuts and millstone coffee says it's raising prices on those brands and others by about 4%. the price hike is due to higher costs for fuel and packaging. you think you can pick the box office winners and losers better than hollywood executives? you may have a chance to try. fedral regulators are holding a meeting to discuss having a movie futures market. the final decision is expected early next month. interesting. >> that is interesting. creative. coming up next on this wednesday morning, the p proabstinence representative stepping down for having an affair. g ♪
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northern texas to southern wyoming. this twister was captured over rural colorado just south of cheyenne. meteorologists say it stuck around for five minutes. but there were no reports of damage. even more severe weather today. this time, flooding roads in dallas, wichita and oklahoma city. snow-covered on parts of i-70 and 15 in the northern rockies. wet on i-5 from seattle to san francisco. and rain also on i-10 in the gulf and both ends of i-95. >> if you are flying today, expect airport delays in seattle, san francisco, salt lake city, denver and dallas. also boston, new york, charlotte, miami and new orleans. a long list. recapping today's big story, voters say they're looking for new ideas. >> voters went for rand paul. and pennsylvania voters chose joe sestak over five-term incumbent arlen specter. in arkansas, blanche lincoln faces a runoff primary to keep her senate seat.
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indiana is preparing for a special election. congressman mark souder said he is stepping down after admitting he had an affair with a staff member. the eight-term representative is a devout christian. he had just fought a primary election. a man accused of lying his way into harvard remains behind bars after pleading not guilty. he allegedly forged documents saying he was a straight-a student from a prestigious prep school with a perfect s.a.t. school. wheeler's parents gave him up when he applied to yale. he could face up to 50 years in prison. as the barbecue season heats up, researchers at harvard have been zeroing in on the real danger in eating red meat. they say it's not the fat but the salt and nitrates that cause heart disease and diabetes. and that could put burgers and steak back on the menu.
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david muir has the story. >> reporter: the study looked at data from around the world and determined that processed meats like bacon, sausage, lunch meat and hot dogs, increase your risk for heart disease by 42%, and put you at a 19% higher risk for type ii diabetes. the study also found that unprocessed meats, that steak, those burgers and roasts, do not appear to carry the same risks. but we've long known that both kinds of meats are high in saturated fat. so, what's the difference here? authors of the study suggest it could be the salt and chemical preservatives found in processed meats that might be the real culprits. >> processed meats contain an average four-times higher sodium levels. that is salt. and about 50% higher preservative level such as nitrates. >> reporter: many in the medical community tonight are cautioning this study is not definitive, though it raises important questions about salt and preservatives in processed meats.
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>> this study doesn't suggest that people should panic if they had a processed meat for lunch or be concerned they have to cut it out completely. but as people are making choices, maybe better to move a little bit away from the processed meats. >> reporter: the meat industry shot back. >> americans are starting to tune out, because one week, red wine is good for them. the next week, oh, not so much. and this is very confusing to the consumers. >> reporter: we've long heard about the saturated at thes across the board. but this study points to the salt, the sodium and the preservatives in the processed meats that authors of the study say could be the culprits of heart disease. the new york yankees are baseball's champions. now, a new study says the franchise is number one brand in sports. "forbes" magazine says the 27-time world series winners are worth $1.6 billion. increased merchandise sales, strong tv ratings and a strengthening dollar moved the yanks ahead of england's manchester united soccer team.
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all this wealth wasn't enough for the yanks last night, against their archrivals the red sox. first, nba playoff highlights from will selva at espn news. >> good morning. the orlando magic have not lost back-to-back games at home during the regular season. dwight howard and company, taking on the celtics for game two. kevin garnett, facing up on dwight howard, who had 30 points. celtics with a one-point lead. about 35 to play. celtics up by one. rajon rondo, he's come up big in the postseason. magic inbounding from the sidelines. jameer nelson, with a desperation three that fouls short. celtics hang on to win and take game two. mariano rivera and the yankees hosting the red sox. top nine. game tied at 5-5. marco stood row, shallow right.
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marcus thames. want to get away? both runners safe on the error. the night before, he had a walkoff home run. two on for jeremy rimeda. going the opposite way. over the head of randy winn. two runs are in. red sox up 7-5. red sox, up 7-6. two on, two out for jonathan papelbon. and pap comes in, gets the job done. the red sox head on to win, 7-6. that will do it for this espn news update. remember, espn news, available on hd. now, back to "america this morning." and then, there were three. the stage is now set for next week's season finale of "dancing with the stars." >> chad ochocinco was kicked off the show last night, as he prepares to do a dating show. they're not confirming rumors of a real-life promanse. >> reporter: the battle for the
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official state visit by the president of mexico. this morning's welcome ceremony will be followed by a celebrity-studded state dinner, the second of the obama administration. "atlantis" astronauts venture outside for a busy spacewalk. among the chores, untangling a chord that's preventing the astronauts from inspecting the shutting for damage. and a memorial service for erica blasberg is being held at a nevada golf club this morning. her cause of death still remains unknown. and coming up later this morning on "good morning america," what could excuse a teacher treating a student like this? dragging, hitting and kicking. you've probably seen the video by now, a video recorded on a cell phone. >> now, that teacher explains, telling her side of the story, what really went on, according to her in this violent video, in a "gma" exclusive. for some of you, your local news is next. >> and for everyone else, "america this morning" continues right after this.
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. take a look at this, a mob style beating in a stairs well of an apartment and the help police need right now. this is more than a crash during a maryland cyclist rice, what police say was thrown on the road. >> a little less weight and a lot of smiles. the challenge is over. we're going to show you how the scales aren't tipping at much here this morning. >> was everyone excited? >> everybody looked great. >> they lost so much weight, 400 and some pounds combined. >> unbelievable. how are you doing this morning? i am jamie costello. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us, it is wednesday, the middle of the week. >> all right.
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>> let's go over to justin berk right now. >> north carolina this morning, we have ourselves a giant start to today, a high 10. temperature 51 harvest school in owings mills, and you can see rainfall at zero for the day, good news. look at the temperatures ranging from 52 in racer town perry hall in aberdeen, westminster 50 and cooler down to the south and check it out, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, five full sweeps across the chesapeake and baltimore and the all clear. we're not completely clear. there could be spotty drizzle this morning. we go from the low 50s to a chilly afternoon, 67 and spotty showers. go to the roads for a check on traffic with kim brown. >> we all clear on the roadways so far as we begin our wednesday morning co


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